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    Vampir bugfix release

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  1. Master Timeline Vampir 8.2: Master Timeline
  2. Find function in Master Timeline Search for MPI_Bcast in the Master Timeline
  3. Function summary Vampir 8.2: Function Summary
  4. Master Timeline highlighting 1 Master Timeline highlighting areas with low FLOP rate
  5. Master Timeline highlighting 2 Master Timeline highlighting areas with high FLOP rate
  6. Custom metrics editor showing the construction of a custom Wait Time metric. The metric is defined by the addition of the duration of MPI Irecv and MPI Wait functions. Vampir 8.2: Custom metrics editor
  7. Kiviat Chart Vampir 8.2: A kiviat chart mode in the process summary chart

Vampir 8.2 focuses on extending the graphical presentation of performance data and adds support for the collaborative Score-P performance monitor release version 1.2. Compatibility with earlier OTF and VampirTrace releases is maintained. New feature highlights include:

  • Hierarchical process folding in the master timeline.
  • Introduction of combinable peer-to-peer communication metrics in the performance radar.
  • Complete revision of comparison and alignment mode for multiple traces with session buffering support and a session manager.
  • Pre-selection of processes or threads prior to loading performance data.
  • A kiviat chart mode in the process summary chart.
  • Quick access to color settings with support for unique or random color schemes.

Furthermore, various features and performance improvements, scalability and stability enhancements have been incorporated.